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SSWC is a women focused healthcare facility. We are based in Lagos, the economic centre of Nigeria. The facility was founded by Dr Alabi, a UK trained and registered Consultant Gynaecologist in February 2012.Our aim is to provide excellent care in a well organised and patient friendly atmosphere using evidence based medical practice.It is created to bridge a large gap in the Nigerian health sector as a lot of patients still have to travel abroad to receive modern and affordable treatment that could be easily provided by well trained specialists in Nigeria.Our services include the provision of excellent Pregnancy care (antenatal,delivery and post-natal care). We are a leading provider of fetal medicine related procedures such as Amniocentesis.In Gynaecology, we are a tertiary referral centre for Gynaecological endoscopy in Nigeria with patients visiting us from all over the country for advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries.Our doctors are courteous, well trained and highly skilled.

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Dr. Brown is originally from Nigeria. He got his Medical Education (MBBS) from the acclaimed and first University in West...

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