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Image Plastic Surgery Center, Inc. (IPSC, Inc.) is in The Business of SHAPE.  The Business was started in October 2002 in Macon, Georgia. Dr. Brown obtained his Surgical Trainings from Columbia University at Harlem Hospital. This is a Hospital where you have Hands-On Training in Surgery and it was rigorous and very competitive. If one can survive the rigors of this Training, one can survive a lot. An example is stated below.

Apart from doing Aesthetic Surgeries, the Practice also does Reconstructive Surgeries, Congenital Malformation, Surgical and Aesthetic Dermatology as well as Facial Trauma. With the rigor of Training Dr. Brown had, he alone was able to manage Facial Trauma for the whole of Central Georgia for almost two years ( Late 2004 to early 2006). The amazing thing also is that Dr. Brown can be reached directly by all his patients through the paging system 24 hours a day, irrespective of where he is all over the world.

Although not guaranteed, most Plastic Surgeons can do Aesthetic Surgeries, but not all have the “Aesthetic Eyes” to bring the best in you. This you will get with Dr. Brown. It is well known that there are many doctors promoting themselves as “Cosmetic Surgeons”, please be wary of this and do your homework well. Make sure your Cosmetic Surgery is done by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Brown is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and has also been re-certified.